Episode #16: …All The Marbles

Crooked but lovable Harry Sears manages a pair of sexy young female wrestlers, Iris and Molly, who call themselves the California Dolls. Struggling on the lowest rungs of the journeyman wrestling circuit, the Dolls dream of making the big time and battling their ultimate rivals, Diane and June, the Toledo Tigers. But first they have to take on a sleazy promoter who makes their lives difficult.

Three Way Theater continues the march toward GLOW when we finally review the 1981 Peter Falk masterpiece …All The Marbles!!!

JC has patiently waited for this movie since TWT debuted ten months ago, and wastes no time in diving into this episode. Mikey finally tries ‘The Laverne’ (Milk Pepsi), Jake hosts another trivia challenge, and the boys discuss gender politicas of the early 1980s all on the latest episode of Three Way Theater!

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