Episode #33: Let’s Talk (Show)

Welcome to the Dog Pound!

The boys are back with another episode of Three Way Theater! It’s not just any episode though, as Lumberjake has put together the ultimate playlist of pro wrestlers appearing on Daytime Talk shows! Mike, Lumbie, and JC check out special episodes of The Jenny Jones Show, Martha Steward Living, Sally Jessy Raphael and a double does of DONAHUE, DONAHUE, DONAHUE!

This leads to some great conversations as the boys discuss the filmography of Buff Bagwell, Lumberjake’s TWT creations for WWE 2k18, who’s pussy was popping out when, JC’s Irish Nana, and Mike Paiva’s brutal bloodbath tag team ladder match in PWF-Northeast.

Some of the awesome Three Way Theater creations made by Lumberjake for WWE 2k18!

You can join us in the fun and watch the same playlist we did here!

***NSFW Discretion Advised***

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