BONUSODE: The Worst of WrestleMania- The Stink Sixteen

Happy WrestleMania Day!

Whether you’re watching live from New Jersey New York or sitting from the comforts of home almost every wrestling fan alive will be doing their best to convince themselves they still love pro wrestling while sitting through 7.5 hours of sports entertainment.

But the question always remains, what is the worst match in Mania’ history? Thanks to the tireless efforts of Three Way Theater wrestling historian Lumberjake, Jake has compiled the list of the lowest rated matches from the first 34 WrestleMania’s as rated by Dave Meltzer omitting the DUDs and unrated matches. So don’t get mad at us that Akebono vs. Big Show or the Miller Lite Cat Fight isn’t in this tournament!

The boys watch each of the ‘Stink Sixteen’ as they seek out the very worst in show. So if you’ve got a long commute from NY/NJ or just need a break from Mania plug into your favorite podcast app and enjoy this very special BONUSODE! [insert air guitar]

Who’s your pick to go to the Finals?

All matches are available on the WWE Network. Watch along for only $9.99 and tell us your Best Worst in Show in the comments. Like! Comment! Subscribe! Share!

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