Episode #007: Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies Featuring The Mack-Cast!

It’s the desperate crossover we’ve all been waiting for!

pro-wrestlers-vs-zombiesMonster Mack and Trainee #1 from the world renowned Mack-Cast join Three Way Theater for our special Halloween episode where we review Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies, a movie where pro wrestlers battle zombies.

Mike, JC, and Lumberjake visit the luxurious MackMansion and dive into this wrestling fueled horror movie starring “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, “The Franchise” Shane Douglas, Matt Hardy, and Kurt Angle! Mikey reminisces about interviewing Douglas and writer/director Cody Knotts  from his AM radio days, and JC wonders about the implications of the podcast being named Three Way Theater seven episodes in. Download today on Podbean, iTunes, and right here on ThreeWayTheater.com!

Oh, and did we mention we have a brand new intro from the amazingly talented Superhype M.I.C.?

Download this episode (right click and save)

3 thoughts on “Episode #007: Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies Featuring The Mack-Cast!

    • Cody, this movie was a total blast and brought me back to some of my favorite low budget horror films of the 80s featuring some of my favorite wrestlers of the 80s. So win/win there! I’m thrilled you took the time to listen to us, it means a lot. I know I’ll be seeking out more of your work in the future.



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