The Naked Man: An Exclusive Interview w/ J. Todd Anderson

Anderson’s cameo in Fargo!

J. Todd Anderson is an incredibly talented storyboard artist who’s been connected to the Coen Brothers dating back to 1987’s Raising Arizona. But for me Anderson will best be known as the director and co-writer of The Naked Man, a surreal film about Edward Bliss Jr. (Michael Rapaport), Psychiatrist by day, wrestler by night. After interviewing the director of photography Jeff Barklage for Jeff got me in contact with J. Todd, and we had an awesome little conversation back in April. Due to some technical issues at the time we were unable to post the interview when we originally reviewed The Naked Man, but as we prepare for our year end awards I wanted to take the opportunity to revisit this convo as well this obscure gem of a movie.

In addition to his work with the Coens (and other great productions) J. Todd is a co-host for Filmically Perfect, a podcast dedicated to the perfect film and the four defining rules to determining a perfect movie.

Please enjoy this audio conversation I had with J. Todd Anderson (I know I did), and be sure to go back and revisit Episode #14 of Three Way Theater The Naked Man as we prepare for the 2017 Peacock Awards!

NOTE: The audio has been edited slightly from our original conversation, cutting off the awkward opening minutes of the phone call where I stammered and nervously introduced myself.


Download this episode (right click and save)

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