Episode #28: Mugsy’s Girls

Did you ever want to see an 86 year old Oscar winner get stoned and fuck as many frat boys as possible? Did you ever wonder about the gal who sang pop perfection with the song ‘Gloria’? Were you curious if Three Way Theater would truly stretch the premise of ‘Pro Wrestling Movie’ with a flick about mud wrestling? Well then do we have an episode for you! It’s Episode #28– Mugsy’s Girls!

An outrageous farce with Ruth Gordon in her final film performance and Laura Branigan in her film debut. Gordon is a fun-loving house mother who watches over the wild women of the Delta Pi Sorority when they decide to enter a mud-wrestling competition in Las Vegas.

Mike, Lumberjake, and JC are back with another trip to the wild world of the 1980s, sifting through the ‘plot’ of this female Animal House while marveling at the insanity going on this movie. JC admits his hatred of bangs, Lumberjake gets another titular song, and Mikey does his best to keep things together all on this rip roaring good time of Three Way Theater!

Mugsy’s Girls is pretty much only available on YouTube, as no physical copies seem to exist. We’re pretty sure Vestron Video must have destroyed all prints.

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